Baby holding parent pinky finger

3hr Hypnobirthing Workshop

The workshop is a condensed version of the Complete Hypnobirthing Course. It can be helpful for those who are very close to the birth of their baby or for those with limited time who want to learn some of the principles of hypnobirthing. The workshop will be taught over 3 hours, on a private 1:1 basis, in the comfort of your own home or online.  

You will learn:

  • The physiology of birth 

  • How to reduce and release fear of childbirth

  • Relaxation techniques to stay calm

  • How to promote the birthing hormones 

  • Tools to navigate birth with confidence should you require assistance 

  • How to prepare a birth plan

In addition, you will receive the Little Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing manual, three guided relaxation audio tracks, and ongoing support and advice until your baby is born.