Baby holding parent pinky finger

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Give yourself the time to slow down, focus on yourself and connect with your baby!

A truly lovely 5 week course with the opportunity to meet and chat with other mums-to-be and as well as enjoying deep relaxation which helps to build a positive and healthy mindset. Each week we focus on a different pregnancy-related theme, learn a calming breathing technique and totally relax through a blissful guided relaxation. 

Themes include; sleep during pregnancy, birth fear, preparation for birth and oxytocin for birth. 

£50 for 5 weeks


Benefits of relaxation for pregnancy

  • Reduces tension and discomfort in the body

  • Increases enjoyment of pregnancy 

  • Counteracts the affects of stress on your body and your baby 

  • Deeper and more restful sleep 

  • Regulation of hormones and boosts oxytocin 

  • Practising relaxation during pregnancy will help you relax more easily during birth